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Tango hela helgen | Diego Denett

Tangomilonga med dansuppvisning med den argentinske Diego Denett och socialdans under Lördagskvällen! Workshops med olika teman under hela helgen.

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Tango hela helgen | Diego Denett
Tango hela helgen | Diego Denett

Tid och plats

06 maj 2023 13:00 – 07 maj 2023 14:15

Andra Våningen, Stigbergstorget 8, 414 63 Göteborg, Sverige

Om evenemanget

Milonga med dansuppvisning med Diego Denett och Workshops  6-7 maj-2023!


WS 1  -  Tango (13.00-14.00)

WS 2 -  Milonga (14.15-15.15)

WS 3 -  Chacarera (19.00-20.00)

(Milonga & Tangoshow 20.00-24.00)


WS 4 - Tango  (12.00-13.00)

WS 5 -  Milonga (13.00-14.00)


Entré: 150 kr (Milonga & Tangoshow)

Alla Workshops: 

WS 1-5: 750 kr 

WS 1-3: 500 kr (inkl milonga) 

WS 4-5: 350 kr 

WS 1-5: 800 kr (inkl milonga) 

5 tim workshops totalt, 3 tim lördag och 2 tim söndag.

Anmäl dig till mailen nedan för att vi ska planera workshopsen med jämt deltagarantal.  

Info about the workshops:

IMPORTANT: Solo and couple dancers are welcome. We will rotate couples, ensuring everyone is dancing and participating fully. If you’d rather not rotate, please let us know at the beginning of the workshop. We will close registration of a certain role in case of imbalance.

****WORKSHOP 1 1hour: TANGO: “Bailar los giros a la derecha y a la izquierda”:  How to make simple and comfortable turns in Tango. We will work in classy “giro” to the right and one more complex to the left. We will test both in open and closed embrace. *Open level.

****WORKSHOP 2 1 hour milonga dance workshop. Full Immersion in Milonga dance: If you never try it yet or if you have already danced it but feel the need to study more deeply to build a solid foundation, this is your opportunity!!! Milonga it’s so fun! These two classes have been thought to be developed in a connected way (therefore it is totally possible to do both classes), because in the second class we will continue building from where we left off in the first one. First hour: From Fundamentals in milonga to have fun, we will practice Baldosa, zig zag and “Rebote en 3” (rebound on three). *Open Level: Also beginners are very welcoming!


1.hour: CHACARERA (Argentine Folk): Chacarera is one of the most famous folklore dances of Argentina. People dance it a lot during fiestas and also as a break at many milongas. It is fun to danceand very easy to learn.

In Europe many milongas started playing Chacareras during the evening (cortinas) just like in Buenos Aires. *Open level, no experience required, no partner needed. Everybody is very welcome to come! Bring your friends, family TODOS TODOS BIENVENIDOS:)

WS 4 Tango: Ocho cortado in the giro.

WS 5 We keep on going from the 1st lesson adding a beautiful “Americana” and “patadita” for milonga. *Open Level: But you must have participated in the previous class/ orknow the elements that we have studied in the first milonga class at WS 2.

*About Diego Denett:

Diego Denett (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina), is an Internationally recognized tango dancer & teacher. He is known as a dedicated teacher who inspires people to dance, through technical skill, but also through transmission of his own enjoyment, happiness and beautiful energy in dancing.


  • Milonga

    Entré till milonga och uppvisning 20.00-24.00

    150,00 kr
    Skatt: moms inkluderad+3,75 kr serviceavgift
    Försäljning avslutad
  • Milonga + 5st Workshops

    5h Workshops 1-5 Milonga & Tangoshow 20.00-24.00

    800,00 kr
    Skatt: moms inkluderad+20,00 kr serviceavgift
    Försäljning avslutad
  • 1-3 Workshop & Milonga

    3h Workshops (1-3) Entré till Milonga med Tangoshow 20.00-24.00

    500,00 kr
    Skatt: moms inkluderad+12,50 kr serviceavgift
    Försäljning avslutad
  • 4-5 Workshops

    2h Workshops (4-5)

    350,00 kr
    Skatt: moms inkluderad+8,75 kr serviceavgift
    Försäljning avslutad
  • 1st Workshop

    Skicka ett mail med vilken Workshop du vill gå till:

    200,00 kr
    Skatt: moms inkluderad+5,00 kr serviceavgift
    Försäljning avslutad


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